Epic Dance Competition operates family-oriented events.

Costuming, music and choreography must be age appropriate.

All acts must be suitable for all audiences.  

Solo (1 dancer)                                  3:00

Duo/Trio (2-3 dancers)                   3:00

Small Group (4-9 dancers)             3:00

Large Group (10-19 dancers)         4:00

Line (20-25 dancers)*                       5:00

Production (26+ dancers)*               8:00

*Additional time available for lines and productions (up to 2 minutes)

Mini 8 years old & under
Junior 9-12 years old
Teen 13-15 years old
Senior 16-19 years old
Adult 20+ years old (not eligible for overalls, or cash awards)
Pro Applying to any dancer age 20 or older, that has, or is currently working professionally in the industry and actively being compensated.
(not eligible for overalls or cash awards)

Names and ages of all dancers must appear on the entry form or registration will not be accepted. All competing dancers must be prepared to present proof of age should a question arise. Each dancer’s age is determined by their age as of January 1st for that competition season.
Please upload your music directly through our registration software. Once the music is uploaded, our system will automatically attach the entry number and routine name to the file. Please also arrive to event with music backed up on USB, iPod, or CD. No tap sounds are allowed on music tracks in the tap category.

Novice: A dancer taking less than 3 hours of class per week.

Intermediate: A dancer taking less than 5 hours of class per week.

Elite: A dancer taking more than 5 hours of class per week.

(These guidelines are strictly enforced)

Acro Routine containing gymnastics passes*, flexibility moves, and/or contortion movement. Must contain dance moves and choreography.
Ballet Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movement, performed in soft shoes. No acro passes permitted.*
Cheer Consisting of cheerleading, pom-pom, drill team and kick line.
Clogging Routine using clogging technique and style.
Contemporary Routine consisting of modern and ballet technique, beyond standard lyrical and jazz movement. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Hip Hop Routine using primarily hip hop technique and moves.
Jazz Routines using primarily jazz technique. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Liturgical Routine using movements with an emphasis on praise and worship dance.
Lyrical Routines must emphasize control utilizing the lyrics and mood of the music. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Modern Interpretive dance patterned after Graham, or Horton technique. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Musical Theatre Primarily for musical comedy and Broadway dancing. Mime, lip sync singing, etc, are allowed.
Pointe Seeballet. Must be performed in pointe shoes. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Tap Routine utilizing tap technique. Up to 3 Acro passes permitted.*
Vocal Routines involving singing only. No vocals permitted on tape.
Open To encompass any form of dance not already listed.

*Acro Pass- an acro pass is defined as a combination of two or more acro tricks. One single cartwheel or on single handspring, etc., constitutes a trick not a pass.


  • Entrants will submit their most “Epic Dance Photo.”
  • Each submission may contain only one performer.
  • Submissions should be dance-related action shots that can take place in-studio, outside, or in any setting chosen by the entrant. Creativity is welcomed!
  • Both landscape & portrait orientation will be accepted.
  • Photos do not have to be taken by a professional.
  • Please include photographer credit if applicable.
  • Email submissions to promo@epicdancecompetition.com. If submitting before the event, mail checks to: 221 Main St, #1093 Los Altos, CA 94022. (If submitting prior to the event, entrants must visit the merchandise table upon arrival).
  • Sign up and submit at the merchandise table
  • Cost per submission is $20. Dancers are welcome to submit more than one photo.
  • Category cut off times will be announced during each event. Generally, on a multiple day event, submissions will be due by the end of the 2nd day.
  • Winners will chosen by judges based on creativity, dance quality (technique, lines), & overall “Epic” feel. To be announced at the final award ceremony of the event.


  • Prior to each awards ceremony, registered dancers will be invited to perform a short improv on stage.
  • Sign up and submit at the merchandise table
  • Cost per submission is $20.


Scoring is based on a 300 point scoring system:

Epic Platinum291 – 300
Platinum276 – 290
High Gold261 – 275
Gold246 – 260
High Silver231 – 245
Silver230 & below

Each judge will adjudicate based on the following scoring system:

Overall Appearance10%

3 judges consisting of teachers, choreographers, and working professionals, will be in attendance at each Epic Dance Competition event. Judges scoring is completely subjective and all decisions are final. All scoring sheets will be emailed to you the week after your event. During that time, judge’s video critiques will also become available by logging into your Epic account.

Ties will be permitted for general adjudication, but will be broken for overall awards.  In the event of a tie, the highest technique score determines the winner. If there is a tie within technique scores, the winner will be determined at the judges’ discretion.

General Awards

Each routine receives an award for general adjudication placement and is eligible for overalls and special awards. 

Specialty Awards

Special awards presented at each regional event include costume awards, choreography awards, entertainment awards and judges’ choice awards.  All routines are eligible.

Overall/High Score

If 1-3 routines are in a division, awards will be given to the top overall routine (1st).

If 4 or more routines are in a division, awards will be given to the top 3 overall routines (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Soloists can only qualify for 1 overall award, in a given category.

$50 scholarships awarded to top overall solo/duo/trio routines and $100 scholarships awarded to top overall group routines in each category. Awarded to the studio for use in the following Epic season.

For the safety of our performers, no video/flash photography is allowed inside theatre during the event. Failure to comply, could result in your removal from venue. 

As we approach the upcoming season, we want our studios and families alike to feel comfortable when committing to our events. Your trust is important to us, so we’ve adjusted our registration policies to ensure your confidence. FULL REFUNDS will be issued in the case of illness or injury that occur prior to the event. Illness or injury must be documented with a doctor’s note. Any applicable refund will be issued directly to the studio. Full refunds will be provided for all registration fees if an event is cancelled. All refunds will be returned within 7-10 business days of the injury/illness or cancelled event. Refunds will be made in the same form as the original payment. If you choose to pay with a credit card, there will be a processing fee of 3% deducted from your total refund. To avoid losing the 3% processing fee, studios have the option to push the entire credit to a future event. If you choose to pay with a check there will be no processing fee deducted. This policy will only be available if the event is cancelled in its entirety. The registration terms are as follows: All registrations must be made 30 days prior to the event to allow for scheduling. All registrations must be paid in full 14 days prior to the event to guarantee your space at our event.

A tentative competition schedule will be emailed to all registered studios 1-week prior to the event.

Props such as knives, guns, swords, paint, confetti, or those containing fire/water are not permitted. Also not permitted are animals and people not registered.

The assembly and disassembly of props on stage cannot exceed 5 minutes total.  Routines with props exceeding 5 minute assembly or disassembly may be subject to a point deduction unless otherwise communicated prior to the event.  Each studio is responsible for cleaning the stage of any props or debris following their performance. If any stage flooring is damaged, the studio is responsible for any costs incurred.  Load in & out of props must be done on the same day as the performance.  Any props left behind at the conclusion of the competition will be discarded.

Choreography and lyrics that are suggestive, violent, or discriminatory in nature to any race, culture, group, or gender are not acceptable.  Failure to adhere to this standard may lead to disqualification. Epic Dance Competition reserves the right to determine whether an entry is in violation.

Registration to our event demonstrates that the responsible party for the dancers has read, understood and fully accepted the following terms and conditions of Epic Dance Competition. In no event shall Epic Dance Competition, nor it’s directors, employees, or affiliates, be liable for injury, direct or consequential, to dancers onstage, backstage, in dressing rooms, or anywhere on the event premises.  Epic Dance Competition reserves the right to refuse any entry, at any time, for any reason. Epic Dance Competition is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the competition.

Believe, Dream, Inspire

The lights shine, the crowd cheers, the heartbeat in your throat,

the sweat from your forehead. It’s just you and the stage.

You are ready. This is your moment. This is EPIC!