For us, it's about the MOMENTS your dancers have on our stage! It's the place where we've all learned the most over the years - where the long hours in-studio translate into greatness, into wonder, into EPIC performance. We want each dancer to walk off our stage stronger, more experienced, with full hearts, knowing they’ve positively impacted their audience. And that audience, forever changed by the stories told, leave with fresh outlooks on life. The MOMENTS. For us, it’s about the MOMENTS.


At Epic Dance Competition, we pride ourselves on providing up-beat, family friendly shows. Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service, quality adjudications, on time events, reasonable schedule times and complete customer satisfaction. That is our promise to you!
And our EPIC TEAM is excited to make it happen!


  • Family-friendly shows
  • Age-appropriate ideals
  • Quality adjudications
  • Diverse judging panels
  • Reasonable show hours
  • Approachable staff